How to prevent lawnmower injuries

More than 75,000 people are injured using a lawnmower each year. Nearly 1/4 of all lawnmower injuries are to the hand, wrist or finger, and too many of these injuries result in amputations. Protect your hands while mowing the lawn using these tips:

  1. Never use your hands to remove grass or debris from the lawnmower.
  2. Never lift a mower from the bottom, or the blades will cut your fingers, even when not running.
  3. Never cut grass when the ground is damp.
  4. Read your mower’s instruction manual prior to use.
  5. Do not remove any safety devices or guards on switches.
  6. Only allow one person at a time on a riding mower.
  7. Keep up with the maintenance of your mower, and keep blades sharp.
  8. Do not drink alcohol before operating a lawnmower.
  9. Wear protective goggles and gloves, and always wear shoes while mowing the lawn.
  10. Do not allow children on or near a lawnmower, especially when it is running.

Stay safe this season while mowing your lawn. Learn more about hand safety at

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