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Post-Surgery Wound Care
September 22, 2022

Taking care of a wound after hand surgery can be an intimidating task for someone with little or no medical experience. While each wound is different, there are some general tips that can help make this process easier and safer. This blog will outline some of the most common questions about post-surgery wound care.
Hand, Wrist, and Arm Pain While Exercising
Is it normal to have pain or soreness while exercising? Is there a difference between discomfort and pain? “Discomfort” is an annoying sensation of mild pain, while actual “pain” is often used when you feel that there is something wrong.How can I prevent pain while exercising? How do I treat pain after exercise?
September 9, 2022
Topical CBD Treatment for Hand Osteoarthritis Symptoms
Osteoarthritis is one of the most common ailments affecting the hands. The wear and tear of arthritis within the joints can lead to weakness, deformity, limited range of motion, inflammation, and pain. Alternative treatment options include dietary changes; oral supplements such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and turmeric; and topical cannabidiol (CBD) products.
August 17, 2022
Advice from a Certified Hand Therapist: Relaxation Strategies for Chronic Pain Management
Chronic pain is typically defined as pain that lasts longer than three to six months or beyond the “normal” healing period of the original injury. It is a complex experience involving the entire nervous system. Relaxation strategies are self-regulatory techniques used to calm an overactive nervous system and reduce one's response to chronic pain. Common relaxation strategies include diaphragmatic breathing and imagery.
August 3, 2022
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: What are the signs and symptoms?
Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome? Numbness and tingling are two key signs that you may have this condition. Hear from patients with carpal tunnel syndrome and learn how you can treat your symptoms in this video.
Hand Safety
Gardening Safety
Gardening is a great way to get physical activity and beautify your neighborhood. However, you should protect your hands and take proper precautions when you are outside with tools, chemicals and insects.

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