10 power saw safety tips


Power saws are very useful tools used to cut and shape all types of materials; however, they can cause serious hand injuries. The hands are vulnerable as they are used to guide pieces into the saw. The degree of injury can vary widely. Exercising power saw safety is extremely important to avoid deep cuts, broken bones or the loss of a hand or finger.

Follow these tips:

  1. Never use your hands to clear the scraps from a sawing worktable. Instead, use a push stick.
  2. Do not wear loose clothing,  jewelry or work gloves. They may get caught in the blade.
  3. Use sharp blades. Dull blades cause binding, stalling and possible kickback.
  4. Never drink alcohol while using a saw.
  5. When starting, let the saw reach full speed before cutting, and support the work firmly so it will not shift.
  6. NEVER look away from your work for any reason.
  7. Use the correct blade for the application. Set it for the correct depth to minimize the amount of exposed blade.
  8. Never disable safety guards, and always read instructions first.
  9. When starting or stopping the saw, make sure the work is not touching the blade.
  10. Lower a table saw blade below the table top when finished.

If you’ve injured yourself using a power saw, visit a hand surgeon or the emergency room immediately. Learn more about power saw injuries at www.handcare.org.

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