Advice from a Certified Hand Therapist: Pickleball Wrist Pain: What’s All the ‘Racket’?
April 12, 2023

Do you experience a dull and aching pain or soreness in your wrist during or after playing racket or paddle sports? Does your wrist feel stiff when reaching for low balls or flicking your wrist for those difficult and awkward shots? If you answered yes and your symptoms are located on the “pinky” side of your paddle wrist, then you have ulnar sided wrist pain. Pain in this region can be anything from wrist arthritis, tendon irritation, joint instability, or triangular fibrocartilage (TFCC) injury.
How Depression Affects Hand and Arm Symptoms
Sometimes mood disorders like depression can be partially caused by serious hand or arm injuries, especially if a patient has to adjust to a new disability, chronic pain, or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from a traumatic event. However, it is less likely for a hand injury to cause depression than for depression to cause a more painful and limiting experience for a patient after an injury. After a hand injury, patients with depression are much more likely to suffer PTSD than patients without depression who experience a hand injury. Depression and PTSD after a hand injury often worsen a patient’s general health status.
April 3, 2023
Hand Pain After Punching a Wall? It Could be a Boxer’s Fracture
Boxer’s fractures are very common hand injuries. The typical cause is striking a hard surface with a clenched fist – such as punching a wall. These injuries can also occur in contact sports, automobile collisions, altercations, or falling to the ground on an outstretched hand.
March 20, 2023
11 Types of Hand Infections
Hand infections can cause serious problems and symptoms, both before and after the infection is resolved. They can result in stiff hands, weak hands, and loss of tissues such as skin, nerve and bone.  It is important to visit a hand surgeon immediately and get early treatment if you have signs of one of these hand infections.
March 8, 2023
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