Deadline extended through November 11, 2018!

This special funding opportunity for a 2018 Basic Science or Clinical Research Grant will support a project that considers the comparison of titanium vs. stainless steel implants. The AFSH invites research grant proposals that will evaluate any or all the following influences:

  • Clinical outcomes
  • Local tissue effects and local biologic response (metallurgy)
  • Biomechanics

Also of interest are research proposals that consider variations in implant design for specific clinical conditions.


  • Anyone may apply for a grant (including residents, fellows, and non-ASSH Members). However, an ASSH Active Member must be listed as one of the investigators or as a sponsor on the project. Note – Candidate Members are not considered “Active Members” for purposes of grant eligibility.
  • Members of the Research Management Committee, including the Committee Chairs, and the Research Division Director cannot apply for funding either as a principal investigator, a co-investigator, or as sponsor/advisor.

How to Apply

Please have the following materials ready for your online application (due November 11, 2018):

  1. NIH-style R21 grant application
  2. Letter of Support from Department Chair or Division Head.
  3. Letter of support from ASSH Active Member sponsor (if PI or Co-PI is not an Active Member) describing role as co-investigator or sponsor/advisor.
  4. Institutional Review Board (IRB), Independent Ethics Committee (IEC), or Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) documentation, as applicable (include either proof of approval or proof of pending application).
  5. Headshot or other photograph of PI that may be used if selected as the awardee.


Apply Here



Grant selection will be based on the merits of the proposal, with preference given to proposals that show potential for securing larger grants from other organizations (e.g. the NIH or OREF). Proposals that have already been funded from other sources will not be considered. Awards may be issued to universities, medical schools, research institutions, or individuals. Grant award may be used for salaries of technical and professional assistants, purchase of supplies, or minor pieces of equipment. Grant funding cannot support the personal compensation of investigators, travel or conferences, publication costs, the payment of hospital care for patients under study, the purchase of major pieces of equipment, or any overhead expenses.

  • The selection of the research proposals for funding is made by the Research Management Committee (RMC) with the approval of the ASSH Council and AFSH Board of Trustees.
  • Reviews are based on the five NIH criteria: Investigators, Environment, Significance, Approach and Innovation.
  • RMC members, including the Chairs and Research Division Director will not review nor participate in discussions regarding grant submissions from their institutions, or where other conflict of interests exist.
  • Maximum of one (1) qualified applicant will be awarded.
  • The total amount of the award is $25,000. Award is not intended to cover indirect costs or institutional overhead. $18,750 will be awarded at the start of the grant and the final $6,250 is disbursed after the progress report has been reviewed and approved by the selection committee.
  • Applicants will be notified in late December. Awardee start date is December 31, 2018.


  • Recipient may be asked to present an update at the ASSH Annual Meeting. More information will be made available at the time of acceptance.
  • Progress reports will be due in six-month cycles (May 31 / December 31) for each year of the grant.
  • A final report, including a listing of all presentation and publications resulting from the project must be submitted within 12 months after the grant has concluded.
  • All unused funds must be returned to the AFSH. The PI may request a no-cost grant extension for up to one (1) year after grant’s original end date.
  • Awardee is required to submit the resulting manuscript to the Journal of Hand Surgery (JHS) within one year after the conclusion of the grant. Your submission to the JHS will be carefully considered for publication and both you and the JHS editors will maintain right of publication refusal.
  • All publications and presentations must indicate project was supported by the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand (AFSH).
  • All related publications must be made available to the ASSH for permanent record.
  • Projects that receive further funding from other resources should notify the AFSH, including the funder’s name and the amount of the award.


Contact AFSH at [email protected].