Congratulations, Clinical Research Grant Award Winners!


Impact of Pre-Referral Advanced Testing on Upper Extremity Treatment Efficiency
Erika Sears, MD


Ultrasound of the Median Nerve for Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
John R. Fowler, MD

Regionalization of Traumatic Upper Extremity Amputation Care in the United States
Elham Mahmoudi, PhD


Validating a Dermal-Based Sensory Peripheral Nerve Interface
Ian Sando, MD


Congenital Hand Anomalies:  Measuring PROMIS, Individual experiences, Outcomes and Needs (C(CHAMPION)
Kate Nellans, MD


The Impact of Maintaining Perioperative Antithrombotic Medication in Hand Surgery
Ryan Calfee, MD
“Supercharge” Nerve Transfer to Enhance Motor Recovery
Scott Farber, MD
Effect of Forearm Warming Compared to Hand Warming for Cold Intolerance Following Upper Extremity Trauma
Christine Novak, MD
Understanding Variation in the Care of Distal Radius Fractures in the United States
Jennifer Waljee, MD


Measuring Quality of Life in Neonatal Brachial Plexus Palsy: A Qualitative and Quantitative Study
Erika Sears, MD and Lee Squitieri, MS 

25-Hydroxy-Vitamin D Bone Turnover marker levels in patients with distal radius fractures
Jennifer M. Wolf, MD and Tamara Rozental, MD

Effect of Iatrogenic Scaphoid Defects on Secondary Radioscaphoid and Scaphotrapezial Arthritis
Byung Joo Lee, MD

A Two-Part Study of Botulinum Toxin Type A Therapy for Raynaud’s Phenomenon
Michael Neumeister, MD

Assessment of SLIL reconstruction techniques using dynamic CT imaging
Aaron Babb, MD


The Development and Application of the Brief Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire
Filip Jennifer Waljee, MD

Fracture healing in the distal radius: do bisphosphonates make a difference?
Tamara Rozental, MD, Mary Hochman, MD 

RCT: Use of compression glove to reduce distal radius fracture complications
Michael Schuler, MD 

Lymphedema following elective hand surgery: A prospective, randomized, trial
Raymond Glenn Gaston, MD, Jeffrey Greenberg, MD, Gary Lourie, MD


Impact of psychosocial factors and treatment choice on return to work in carpal tunnel syndrome
Paul A. Binhammer, MD; with Dimitrios J. Anastakis, MD; Linda Dvali, MD; and Herbert von Schroeder, MD

3D Motion Analysis of Partial Fusion and PRC: Are There Functional Differences?
Scott W. Wolfe, MD


Randomized Trial of Bivalved and Circumferential Casting for Displaced Forearm Fractures in Children
Donald S. Bae, MD; with Clarissa Valim, MD 

The treatment of distal radius fractures in patients > 65:  A prospective randomized trial   
Ruby Grewal, MD; with Joy C. MacDermid, PhD and Graham J.W. King, MD 

Effect of Relaxin on Gender Difference in Laxity and Arthritis of the Thumb Base
Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD; with Karen King, PhD 


The Epidemiology of Distal Radius Fractures in the US Elderly
Kevin C. Chung, MD, MS  

A Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Idiopathic Hand and Arm Pain Conditions Not Ammenable to Surgical Treatments
David Ring, MD, PhD; with Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD  

Outcomes of Supracondylar Humerus Fracture with Associated Vascular Injury: How to Treat the “Pink Pulseless Hand?”
Donald S. Bae, MD; with Peter M. Waters, MD


Corticosteroid Injection versus Autologous Blood Injection in the Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis:  A Prospective, Randomized Multi-Center Study 
Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Kagan Ozer, MD; Allison Williams, PhD; Frank Scott, MD; Michael J.V. Gordon, MD  

A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial to Evaluate Splinting versus Percutaneous Pinning of Mallet Finger Charles S. Day, MD Beth Israel-Deaconess Medical Center, Amir H. Taghinia, MD; Joseph Upton, MD  


No grants funded 


Linking Scores of the DASH and Modified ASES Scales 
Ricardo Pietrobon, MD, PhD, Duke University, James A. Nunley, II, MD, Lawrence D. Higgins, MD 

Corticosteroid Injection and Splinting in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis at the Trapeziometacarpal Joint of the Thumb 
David J. King, MD, Washington University, Charles A. Goldfarb, MD, Martin I Boyer, MD 


A Randomized, Prospective Control Trial of Initial Operative Versus Nonoperative Treatment for Closed Distal Radius Fractures After Initial Successful Closed Reduction
Nadar Paksima, DO, Ericka Lawler, MD, Steven Shin, MD

Biceps to Triceps Transfer for Restoration of Elbow Extension in Tetraplegia: Outcome and the Role of Phasic Contraction
Scott Kozin, MD, MJ Mulcahey, MD, OTR/L
The Efficacy of the Levin-Katz and DASH Questionnaires in Studying Outcomes of Ulnar Nerve Surgery at the Elbow
Neal Zimmerman, MD, EF Shaw Wilgis, MD


Outcome Assessment of Hand Function after Radial Artery Harvesting for Coronary Artery Bypass
Robert Allen, PhD, Robert Szabo, MD, MPH, George Rab, MD
Post Operative Outcome of Decompression, Subcutaneous Transposition and Submuscular Transposition of the Ulnar Nerve at the Cubital Tunnel
Matthew J. Meunier, MD, Reid Abrams, MD, Martin Boyer, MD


Multi-Center Prospective Study of the Surgical Treatment of Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy
Peter M. Waters, MD, Donald S. Bae, MD, David Zurakowski
Large Area Variations in the Surgical Management of the Rheumatoid Hand
Amy K. Alderman, MD


Total Wrist Arthroplasty Using the Universal Total Wrist Prosthesis: A Prospective, Clinical Multi-Center Study
Brian D. Adams, MD, Joseph Khoury, MD, Brian Divelbiss, MD 
The Effect of Age and Symptom Duration on the Outcome of Carpal Tunnel Surgery
E.F. Shaw Wilgis, MD, Frank D. Burke, FRCS 
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: Intramuscular Ulnar Nerve Transposition Versus Submuscular Ulnar Nerve Transposition – A Double Blind Randomized Trial
James Leone, MD, B.Ed., Mohit Bhandari, MD, MSc, Achilleas Thoma, MD, FRCS, FACS 


Restoration of Elbow Extension in Children with Tetraplegia: A Prospective Comparison of the Deltoid to Triceps and Biceps to Triceps Transfer
Scott Kozin, MD, M.J. Mulcahey, M.S., OTR/L, and Randal R. Betz, MD 
Arthroscopic Versus Open Management of Lateral Epicondylitis
David S. Ruch, MD, Gary G. Poehling, MD and Peter J. Evans, MD 
The Role of Injury and Patient Characteristics in Determining Outcomes After Distal Radius Fracture
Joy C. Macdermid BSc, BScPT, MSc, James Roth, MD 


Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial of Hand Therapy Following Carpal Tunnel Surgery
Thomas Trumble, MD, Douglas P. Hanel, MD, Nicholas B. Vedder, MD 
Validity and Responsiveness of Utility Measures in Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Shoulder Disorders
Jeffrey N. Katz, MD, Barry P. Simmons, MD, Louis Bessette, MD, Karen M. Kuntz, ScD 


Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial of Hand Therapy Following Carpal Tunnel Surgery
Thomas Trumble, MD, Douglas P. Hanel, MD, Nicholas B. Vedder, MD


No grants funded 


Dupuytren’s Disease Outcome Study
Marie A. Badalamente, PhD