ASSH Leadership Program

Applications for the 2017 ASSH Leadership Program are now closed.  Applications for the 2018 Young Leaders Program will be available in June 2018.

In 2017, the Hand Society is trying an experiment. For only 2017, we are combining the Young Leader and Mid-Career Leadership Programs to create the ASSH Leadership Program.

Young Leader applicants must be either an ASSH Candidate Member (dues-paying and post-fellowship) OR an ASSH Active Member (fewer than 8 years of membership). Mid-Career Leader applicants must be an ASSH Active Member (8 years of membership or more). Ideally, Mid-Career Leader applicants will have at least 10 years left in their practice careers. Former Young Leaders may not reapply for the Mid-Career Leadership Program. 

Participants in the combined program must be: 

    1. Able to attend the ASSH Council meeting and Leadership Workshop on December 7-9, 2017 in Chicago.
    2. Willing to assume responsibility for airfare and transportation costs during the Workshop (meals, lodging, and all other meeting expenses are paid for by ASSH).
    3. Willing to serve on ASSH committees or task forces as assigned. 

Based on feedback from former Young Leaders, we are expanding the Leadership Program to include Saturday evening.  Following the Council meeting, participants will engage in an interactive brainstorming sessions with JHS Editor-in-Chief Brent Graham, MD, and Hand-e Editor-in-Chief Warren Hammert, MD.  Then, the Young and Mid-Career Leaders are encouraged to attend a team-building dinner without ASSH staff or leadership, at the Hand Society’s expense. 

2017 ASSH Leadership Program
December 7-9, 2017
ASSH Central Office
Chicago, IL