Honor Your Mentor

Interested in creating a lasting legacy or the ultimate tribute? Consider creating a Named Award in honor of an individual/group, or making a tribute gift.  Visit the "Ways to Give" page to learn more about how you can donate to the AFSH.  Within the online donation form, be sure to acknowledge your gift made in tribute to your mentor, institution, colleague, family or friend.  If an address (email or mail) is provided we will send an acknowledgement letter to your tribute and/or their family recognizing your gift in their honor.

Create a Named Award

The AFSH offers the following opportunities for various donation levels.  Review the Named Award Fundraising packet and application for details on creating a named award in honor of someone special to you. Contact the AFSH at [email protected] to arrange a time to meet with the Named Award Oversight Committee to discuss your Named Award objective and fundraising goals.

Under $25,000

The AFSH is not currently accepting named award applications for gifts less than $25,000.  To inquire about special opportunities for a one-time Named Award please submit your request in writing to [email protected].

Example: raise $10,000 in support of a named mission in support of the Touching Hands Project.

Minimum $25,000

A minimum of $25,000 must be proposed to establish an AFSH Board Designated Expendable Named Fund.  The named award sponsor of an expendable fund will designate the annual award payout.  Award will continue to be funded until named fund is exhausted.   Proposals starting at $25,000 will be considered for existing programs supported by the AFSH or ASSH.

Example: raise $50,000 in support of a named Military Travel Scholarship to cover the cost of registration and travel to attend the Annual Meeting.  The fund would payout one annual named scholarship until all available dollars have been spent.

Minimum $100,000

A minimum of $100,000 must be proposed to establish an award in perpetuity as an AFSH Board Designated Named Fund.  Up to 3% of collected fund balance, or other amount, per the current AFSH Board spending policy, may be used for the annual award payout.  Proposals under $200,000 will be considered for existing programs supported by the AFSH or ASSH.

Example: raise $150,000 to support a named Resident/Fellow Fast Track Grant.  Annual grant would be awarded for life of the Fast Track program.

Minimum $200,000

Proposals starting at $200,000 will be considered for establishing a new AFSH/ASSH program.  

If you wish to establish a new program, gain bragging rights to a named space in the ASSH building, or your desired annual award payout is greater than $10,000 this option is best for you.

Contact the [email protected] to get started!

Board designated funds are unrestricted net assets designated by the AFSH Board for various activities.  The designations are based on Board actions, which can be altered or revoked at a future time by the Board.  Designated funds are a subset of the General Fund unless otherwise noted.  Purposes are designated by the Board and are not donor restricted.