Congratulations, Fast Track Grant Award Winners!


2015 “Weiland” Resident/Fellow Fast Track Grant Recipients 

Ram K. Alluri, MD - Keck School of Medicine at USC
Biomechanical Comparison of Bridge Plate Constructs in Distal Radius Fractures 

Katherine C. Faust, MD - Duke University
Bilateral, nonsimultaneous carpal tunnel release: which side does better? 

J. Joseph Gholson, MD - University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Long Term Clinical Follow-up of Preaxial Polydactyly Reconstruction

Ryland Kagan, MD - Oregon Health & Science University
Physical Therapy After Distal Radius Fracture; Traditional vs Digital Media Based

Fiesky Nunez, Jr., MD - Wake Forest University Health Sciences
Biomechanical Comparison of Metaphyseal and Diaphyseal Ulnar Shortening Osteotomy

Merisa Piper, MD - University of California, San Francisco
Near-infrared monitoring to assess peripheral microvasculature effects of e-cigarettes

Stephanie A Russo, MD, PhD - UPMC Hamot
Capsular release versus humeral osteotomy:  Effect on shoulder function

Caroline Wolfe, MD - Regents of the University of Michigan
Effect of Distal Radius Malreduction on Contact Between FPL Tendon and Volar Plate


George C. Balazs, MD, MC, USN - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Prospective randomized trial comparing corticosteroid injection to high energy extracorporeal shock wave therapy for lateral epicondylitis

David M. Brogan, MD, MSc. - Duke University Medical Center
The Effect of Nerve Splinting to Mitigate Tension in Peripheral Nerve Repair: A Pilot Study

Christopher N.H. Bui, MD - University of California, Irvine
Biomechanics of Diarthroidal Joint

Chris Casstevens, MD - University of Cincinnati
Contracture Pathogenesis from Neonatal Denervation

Brian Lau, MD - University of California San Francisco Medical Center
The Use of Pocket-sized Handheld Ultrasound to Assess Distal Radius Fracture Deformity and Quality of Reduction

Alexia Hernandez-Soria, MD - Hospital for Special Surgery
Health Service Research Initiative in Musculoskeletal Healthcare

Helen G. Hui-Chou, MD - The Curtis National Hand Center
Vascular Assessment with Laser Angiography of the Upper Extremity

Samir K. Trehan, MD - Hospital for Special Surgery
Characterization of Human Cadaveric Musculoskeletal Structures


Colin Canham, MD - University of Rochester "Alteration of distal radioulnar joint reaction force following diaphyseal and distal metaphyseal shortening osteotomies: A biomechanical study"
Paige Fox, MD - Stanford University
"Electromyographic Analysis of Grip"
Edward Gallego, MD - UCSF Fresno
"Treatment of Scaphoid Non-Union Using Vascularized Periosteal Grafts"
Jonathan Ludwig, MD - University of Alabama at Birmingham
"Flexor Tendon Repair With a Knotless, Bidirectional Barbed Suture: An In Vivo Biomechanical and Histologic Analysis"
Joseph Schreiber, MD - Hospital for Special Surgery
"Mechanism of Acute Elbow Dislocation: Roles of the Collateral Ligaments"


Christopher Dy, MD - Hospital for Special Surgery 
"The Impact of Coronal Alignment on Distal Radioulnar Stability Following Distal Radius Fracture"
Holly Hale, MD - University of California, Davis 
"Timing of supination recovery as related to the severity of the brachial plexus injury"
Megan Henderson, MD and Abigail Maciolek, MD - Southern Illinois University 
"To evaluate the role of Botox® in the treatment and prevention of painful neuromas."
Omar Nazir, MD - Wake Forest University 
"Nerve Transfers in Lower Brachial Plexus Injuries: A Human Cadaveric Study"


Cameron Barr, MD - Stanford University School of Medicine
"Trapezium Trabecular Microstructure Using Flat-Panel Volume CT: A Feasibility Study"

Siddharth Bhola, MD - University of California, San Diego
"Functional Loss of Elbow Flexion Torque Associated with Brachioradialis Release"

Jason Ko, MD - University of Washington School of Medicine
"The Use of Vibration Anesthesia to Reduce Pain with Injections in the Hand: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial"

Lauren Lamont, MD - Hospital for Special Surgery
"Patient Expectations Survey for the Treatment of Basilar Joint Arthritis"


Jonathan Danoff, MD - Columbia University
“Enhancement of Experimental Fracture Healing: Role of Local Soft Callus"

Jun Matsui, MD - University of California, San Francisco
"Biotenodesis Screw Fixation of Tendon Graft for Scapholunate Dissociation: Biomechanical Analysis of a Novel Surgical Technique"

Edward Moon, MD - University of Washington
"Comparison of Two Injection Techniques for Ulnar Nerve Blocks at the Wrist: A Cadaveric Study”

N. Michael Xu, MD - Wake Forest University
"The Effect of Fibrin Glue Augmentation in Zone II Flexor Tendon Repair: An In Vitro Cadaveric Biomechanical Study"