Touching Hands Project

Our mission is to create opportunities for hand specialists to give back their knowledge and expertise to the global community. 

Through the work of the Touching Hands Project (THP), hand surgeons, nurses and hand therapists serve on short term missions to underserved communities, seeing patients and performing surgeries. This initiative enables more members to give back to the community and deliver very positive return to both the Foundation and the Society.

Giving to Outreach and the Touching Hands Project gives donors another option for their donations and philanthropic efforts and the ability to become energized and involved in new ways. 

Please Note: The inclusion of orthopaedic residents is currently not part of THP’s surgical missions.


Upcoming Missions:

Touching Hands in Haiti
October 23-29, 2016

Touching Hands in Guatemala
November 1-12, 2016

Touching Hands in Ghana

February 6-10, 2017

Touching Hands in La Paz, Bolivia

May 13-27, 2017

Touching Hands in Vietnam 

June 9-24, 2017

Recent Mission Blogs:

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Touching Hands in Cambodia 2016

Touching Hands in Bolivia 2016

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