2017 Hentz Scholarship and Riordan Awards Announced

August 15, 2017

The Adrian E. Flatt Residents and Fellows Committee, on behalf of the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand, the Vincent R. Hentz Fund, and the Riordan Hand Society are excited to announce this year's special travel scholarships to attend the Flatt Residents and Fellows Conference and the ASSH Annual Meeting in San Francisco.  Each winner will receive a $1,500 stipend to cover registration, airfare and housing.

Vincent R. Hentz Scholarship

Dr. Hentz is a master technician, a respected researcher, and a superior teacher and mentor.  He has dedicated his career to ensure the next generation is prepared and we are happy to extend this legacy through the Hentz Scholarship program.  This scholarship is open to plastic surgery residents and plastic hand fellows.  We congratulate Helene Retrouvey, MD, (pictured left) a plastics resident at the University of Toronto for being selected as this year’s winner!

“Participation in this world-renowned meeting will allow me to expand my interest and knowledge in the field of hand surgery, while sharing ideas and forming productive working relationships with like-minded colleagues. I am so thankful for the generous consideration of the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand for the Vincent R. Hentz Scholarship.” – Dr. Retrouvey

The Vincent R. Hentz Education Fund was established by Stanford plastic surgery alumni and is administered by the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand.

Daniel C. Riordan Award

Dr. Riordan was an outstanding clinician, teacher, and role model.  He was respected worldwide for his expertise in congenital, arthritic, degenerative, and neurological conditions of the hand.  The Daniel C. Riordan award recognizes promising surgical residents and/or hand fellows entering the field. We are happy to announce the 2017 Riordan Award winners include: (pictured below from left to right) Joseph Buckwalter, MD (University of Iowa), Lauren Karbach, MD (University of Rochester), and Andrew J. Miller, MD (Thomas Jefferson University). 

“I have always believed the excellence in medical education is crucial to the continuance of our specialty.  It is clear that by effectively teaching others to care for patients, we can treat not only or own patients, but the patients of our learners.  I plan to build an academic practice founded in the principles of orthopedic education and will use the life and career of Dr. Riordan as an example of how to succeed in education despite the many pressures that lead us away from it.” – Dr. Buckwalter.
“Dr. Riordan’s life is an inspiration and his ability to create and care for those without other options and giving much of himself to ensure others had access to care.  When many of his patients presented him with problems that had no existing solution, his answer was to create an option.  He was not afraid of working to find new solutions for patients.  He was proactive in sharing his knowledge through writings, through his leadership within ASSH, and by leading those he trained.  He exemplified a man who cared for patients throughout their life and expressed the same caring towards sharing his knowledge.  I hope that through my career I can share the same generosity and ingenuity towards patients and teaching others.” – Dr. Karbach

“Dr. Riordan’s work from WWII onwards is an inspiration to pursue meaningful research for the betterment of our patients.  Perhaps more outstanding than his professional work is the testimonies of his character and the gentleman that he was throughout his career –from mopping up the O.R. floors, to washing his ow own instruments and to treating every patient as a dignified human being irrespective of who they were.  In my pursuit to be a hand surgeon, the qualities taht Dr. Riordan exhibited are the ones I hope to embrace and exemplify.  In a lifetime of achievements, Dr. Riordan stands as a source of inspiration for young hand surgeons to avail themselves to the needs of others and to use their talents to the best of their ability to provide for those who many not find care elsewhere.” – Dr. Miller

The Daniel C. Riordan Education Fund is sponsored by the Riordan Hand Society and administered by the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand.