2016 Annual Meeting Award Recipients

October 18, 2016


Joseph H. Boyes Best Resident/Fellow Paper Award

Paper 24: Ethyl Chloride is Ineffective as a Topical Analgesic for Common Hand Injections
Orrin I. Franko, MD; Peter J. Stern, MD

Julian Bruner Best Poster Award

Guest Society Poster 59: Transplanted Neurons in Peripheral Nerve Provide a Novel Treatment Strategy for Paralyzed Muscles
Shigeru Kurimoto, MD, Tomonori Nakano, MD, Hiroki Shinkai, MD, Satoshi Nina, Masahiro Tatebe, MD, Hitoshi Hirata, MD

Clinical Pearl Poster Award

Annual Meeting Poster 83: Dorsal Scaphoid Subluxation on Sagittal MRI as a Market for Scapholunate Ligament Tear
David W. Meister, MD, Krystle A. Hearns, MA, Michelle G. Carlson, MD

Ronald Linscheid & James Dobyns Excellence in Wrist Surgery Award

Awarded to the best wrist paper presentation.  The winner is invited to present an Instructional Course during the following year’s meeting.

Thay Q. Lee, PhD, VA Long Beach Healthcare System, Orthopaedic Biomechanics Lab
2015 Linscheid-Dobyns Recipient

Paper 62: Dorsal Wrist Extrinsic Carpal Ligaments Injury Exacerbates Volar Radiocarpal Instability After Intra-articular Distal Radius Fractures
Christopher N. H. Bui, MD; Thay Q. Lee, PhD; Gregory H. Rafijah, MD; Timothy Kahn, BA; Alex Peterson, BA; Charles Lin, BA

Instructional Course 01: Linscheid-Dobyns Excellence in Wrist Invited Lecture
How Normal Life Activities Affect Wrist Motion: A New Understanding
Thay Q. Lee, PhD, Zong-Ming Li, PhD, Graham J. King, MD, FRCSC, Amy L. Ladd, MD

Stephen Tham, MBBS, St. Vincent’s Hospital
2016 Linscheid-Dobyns Recipient

Paper 59: SLAC 2 Wrist: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Four-Corner Fusion and Radioscapholunate Fusion
Stephen Tham, MBBS, Simon Chan, MD, Jason Harvey, MBBS, FRACS, Sheena Sikora, MD

J. Leonard Goldner Pioneer Research Awards

Awarded to the top Basic Science and Clinical Research grants. 

Impact of Pre-Referral Advanced Testing on Upper Extremity Treatment Efficiency
Erika Sears, MD

Effect of Growth Hormone on Nerve Regeneration and Functional Return After Chronic Denervation
Sami Tuffaha, MD

2016 Andrew J. Weiland Medal for Outstanding Research

This medal is awarded to a mid-career researcher who has contributed a body of research that advances the field.

From Mice to Men: Lessons Learned about Nerve Injuries
Ranjan Gupta, MD


2016 Innovation in Education Awards

Does Anatomic Knowledge Correlate with Surgical Competency? A Multi-Center Study.
Fraser J. Leversedge, MD

Web-Based Assessment of Hand Fellow Education: Going Beyond the Next Accreditation
Scott D. Lifchez, MD 

Robert E. Carroll Founders Lecture

Raising the Bar
Joseph Upton, III, MD

Sterling Bunnell Traveling Fellowship

This fellowship provides funding for a young hand surgeon to pursue an educational or academic goal.

Ryan P. Calfee, MD, MSc, Washington University School of Medicine

Richard H. Gelberman Scholar Award

This award recognizes a young hand surgeon by providing funding to visit national and international hand surgery centers of excellence.  

Scott Tintle, MD, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

A. Lee Osterman Excellence in Education Award

This award recognizes and ASSH Member who has dedicated his or her career to the advancement of hand surgery education.  The winner presents an instructional course at the following year’s meeting.  

Peter J. Stern, MD, University of Cincinnati

IC32: A. Lee Osterman Excellence in Education Invited Lecture
Small Joint Arthroplasty Do's and Don'ts
Peter J. Stern, MD, Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD, Mark E. Baratz, MD, Marco Rizzo, MD

Daniel C. Riordan Award

This award recognizes a promising surgical resident or hand fellow with a travel scholarship to attend the meeting.

Sonia Chaudhry, MD, University of Colorado/Denver
Lindsey C. Valone, MD, MAS, University of California, San Francisco

Vincent R. Hentz Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes a promising plastic surgical resident or plastics fellow with a travel scholarship to attend the meeting.

Aviram M. Giladi, MD, MS, University of Michigan

Annual Meeting Traveling Scholarships for Residents, Fellows, and Active Duty Military

The following individuals received a travel scholarship to attend the Adrian E. Flatt Residents and Fellows Conference and the ASSH Annual Meeting in Austin.

Anna M. Acosta, MD
Ravinder Bamba, MD
Jonathan L. Bass, MD
Rita Baumgartner, MD
Nicholas Beck, MD
Jessica Bilig, MD
Jeffrey David Boatright, MD
Debra Anne Bourne, MD
Patrick Shea Brannan, MD
John Breen, MD
Christopher Casstevens, MD
Wayne Alan Chen, MD
Jeremy R. Chidester, MD
Mickey S. Cho, MD
Efrain Farias-Cisneros, MD, PhD
Charles Andrew Daly, MD
Jesse Dashe, MD
Omar Saad Dimachkieh, MD
Timothy Dooley, MD
John Dunn, MD
Ross Feller, MD
Alex Joseph Ferikes, MD
Michael Steven Gart, MD
Erica Jane Gauger, MD
Grigory E. Gershkovich, MD
Peter D. Gibson, MD
Joshua Gillis, MD
Jenna Marie Godrey, MD
Jill Goodwin, MD
Eric Russel Gordon, MD
Steven Lars Gordon, MD
Joseph T. Gower, MD
Kelly Carlberg Graner, MD
Jason Gray, MD
Violeta Gutierrez, MD
Schuyler Halverson, MD
Jessica Hanley, MD
Victoria Hayward, MD
Christopher Healy, DO
Jiayi Hu, MD
Derek F. Ipsen, DO
Tamara John, MD
Evan M. Jones, MD
Aaron Isamu Karlen, MD
Rahul Kasukurthi, MD
Brian P. Kelley, MD
Jawad Khan, MD
Sonya Khurana, MD
Amy Kite, MD
Koursh Kolahi, MD
Ryan Kozlowski, MD
Lisa M Kruse, MD
Alexander Jeffrey Lampley, MD
Paul Joseph Lanier
Manesha Lankachandra, MD
Dennis S. Lee, MD
Laura Lewallen, MD
Heather Licht, MD
Randy Luo, MD, MBA
Kyle MacGillis, MD
Bilal Mahmood, MD
Robert C. Mason, MD
Andrew P. Matson, MD
Matthew McCarley, MD
Andrew McNamara, MD
Chirag Mehta, MD
Ogheneochuko Metitiri, MD
Anthony Montanez, MD
Ian Mullikin, MD
Aparajit Naram, MD
Lisa Jeannine Nash, MD
Clayton E. Nelson, MD
Zhi Yang Ng, MBChB, MRCS
Thao P. Nguyen, MD
Ashley A. Nord, MD
Dayton M. Opel, MD
Collier Pace, MD
Nathan C. Patrick, MD
Daniel Richard Paull, MD
Emily Nicole Othello Perez, MD
Jennifer E. Peterson, MD
Dang Pham, MD
Tyler Steven Pidgeon, MD
William F. Pientka II, MD
Douglas E. Pittner, MD
Adnan Prsic, MD
Peter C. Rhee, DO, MS
Ryan Rose, MD
Stephanie A. Russo, MD, PhD
Katherine Bernadette Santosa, MD
Sarah Sasor, MD
Ellen Satteson, MD
Ryan W. Schmucker, MD
Jason Shrouder-Henry, MD
Neil Singh, MD
Bryan Joel Sirmon, MD
Derek Smith, MD
Andrew D. Sobel, MD
Aditya Sood, MD, MBA
Adam M. Starr, MD
Jacob Stirton, MD
Dora AR Storelli, MD
Beverlie Ting, MD
Scott M. Tintle, MD
Kavita Vakharia, MD
Oleksandra Vyrva, MD
William Liu Wang, BS
Tracy Webber, MD
Ariel Williams, MD
Alison Wong, MD, MSE
Chia Wu, MD
Arezou Yaghoubian, MD