AFSH President’s Message

I would like to thank all of the ASSH members, corporate partners, and Hand Clubs who participated in the 25th Anniversary campaign and especially the ASSH Presidential line and Council for their tremendous support and generosity in making it a great success.

Despite the success of the campaign, the work to grow the Foundation and expand our mission continues.

Thanks to your support, the AFSH has grown its research portfolio, offering $20,000 basic science grants, $40,000 clinical grants and a biennial $100,000 multicenter grant. From 2007 to 2015, $2,680,000 in AFSH grants has generated $18,411,139 in extra mural grants from other funding sources, a confirmation of the high quality of the grants being funded. Your ongoing support of the AFSH research grant program which is sustained by your annual giving, allows us to further diversify the available grants in the research portfolio and help answer important questions that will benefit our patients and the practice of Hand Surgery.

The Education division of the Foundation has seen an exponential growth in applications for the Annual Meeting scholarship program.
This is an important program for our society, with metrics indicating that 91% of past recipients have gone on to become ASSH members and 66% have joined an ASSH committee (compare this with 30% of the general membership serves on a committee). This program is attracting the residents and fellows that are the future of the ASSH. 

The record number of scholarship applicants in 2016 presented a significant funding challenge. I am grateful to all of the members who have responded to the challenge offered by Council to match donations to support the scholarship program.  This year we will be able to support the highest number of scholarships in the history of the program. Thank you for your support!

Outreach also continues to grow.  Six missions were completed in 2015 and nine are scheduled for 2016. The AFSH Board understands that we cannot rely solely on the generous support of our members to grow this program around the world and at home. AFSH is now working with a grant writer to help us approach other charitable foundations that are dedicated to granting support for medical missions.

I would like to thank Scott Steinman, MD and Julie Adams, MD for their generous donation made to the Foundation as a tribute to the memory of Dr. Steinman’s father.  Donations made to the Foundation in memory of a loved one serve as a longstanding tribute that will make a big difference to many lives in the future. Gifts of estate and bequests to the AFSH make a meaningful contribution to the future of hand surgery.  You can learn more about the Foundation’s planned giving options at

Do you have a grateful patient that has asked how they can give back? We encourage you to direct them to the AFSH where they can make a gift in honor of your surgical team that made a difference in their life.

In concluding my update, I would like to acknowledge and thank AFSH Board Chairman David Lichtman, Vice Chair Steve Glickel, all of the AFSH Board members, Danielle Roesmann, and Mark Anderson for all of their support, hard work, and tremendous effort in guiding the AFSH thru the campaign and into the future.


John M. Bednar, MD
AFSH President