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Flexor Tendon Rehabilitation - Principles of Active Motion

By Donald H. Lalonde, MD By Donald Lalonde

This is a group of patients at different time points demonstrating principles.

Duration: 12:19
Management of Pediatric Forearm Compartment Syndrome

This video demonstrates the approach to release compartment syndrome of the volar forearm following a closed reduction and percutaneous pinning of a supracondylar humeral fracture in a 7 year old female. It highlights the potential complications of closed reduction fracture management, including the entrapment of the median nerve and brachial artery in the fracture site.

ORIF Metacarpal Fracture

By Thomas E. Trumble, MD By Thomas Trumble

Describes management of metacarpal fractures through ORIF technique
Duration: 02:13
Surgical Approaches to the Wrist for Trauma

By David C. Ring, MD, PhD By David Ring

0:00 – Dorsal approach to radius 22:28 – volar approach to radius 60:00 – Dorsal spanning plate 64:00 – Volar approach to scaphoid 79:15 – Ulnar approach to ulnar head
Duration: 33:12