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Surgical Skills
Section V  Carpal Ligament Injuries: Midcarpal Instability
What Every Hand Surgeon Should Know About the Wrist: Distal Radius, Carpus and Ulnar-Sided Wrist Pain
Fundamentals of Tendon Transfers
Surgical Skills Lab - 2013 Annual Meeting
Duration: 9:09
Brachialis Nerve Branch for the Median Nerve Neurotization
SURGICAL SKILLS LAB: Nerve Transfers (Postcourse - 2013 Annual Meeting)
Duration: 35:12
Critical Comparison to Tendon Transfer for Radial Nerve Palsy
Brachial Plexus: Distal Nerve Transfers (Postcourse - 2014 Annual Meeting)
Posterior Interosseous (Lab)
Master Skills Lab: Upper Extremity Flap Coverage (Precourse 03 - 2014 Annual Meeting)
Scaphoid Volar Approach
Wrist and Elbow Reconstruction & Arthroscopy: A Master Skills Publication - Chapter 23: Scaphoid Nonunions Treated with Vascularized Bone Grafts
Duration: 4:45
Wrist Arthroscopy
Chapter 13: Wrist Arthroscopy: Portals and Procedures - Hand Surgery Update IV
Postcourse: Lateral Arm Flap-presentation and demonstration
Postcourse: Soft Tissue Reconstruction (Annual Meeting 2012)
Duration: 28:32
Featured Images
Figure 14: X-ray showing injury in February 2010
Correspondence News Image
Patient Results After Follow-Ups
Patient Results After Follow-Ups
Figure 13: X-ray showing injury in flexion in February 2010
Patient Results After Follow-Ups
ASSH Newsletters
Correspondence News
October 2012 Correspondence News
Ultrasonography can be useful for flexor tenolysis procedures. A case report is presented of a flexor pollicis longus release following surgical intervention.
October 2012 Correspondence News
Creator: Shohei Omokawa, MD
Correspondence News
November 2012 Correspondence News
In pediatric patients, the anesthesia pillows can be used effectively as elevation pillows, obviating the need for the more expensive variety.
November 2012 Correspondence News
Creator: ​Scott Oishi, MD
Correspondence News
March 2012 Correspondence News
For distal radius malunion osteotomies, a single Kirschner wire can be placed through the volar capsule of the wrist to help identify the tilt of the distal radius and the position of the distal cortex.
March 2012 Correspondence News
Creator: Neal D. Lintecum, MD
Correspondence News
February 2011 Correspondence News
A contributor to correspondence news announces his last correspondence
February 2011 Correspondence News
Creator: François Iselin, MD
New CME Courses
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Online Course

Subscribers will find articles designed for CME in the Review section of the Journal of Hand Surgery.

Page Links
Online Course - MOC Approved
This is an internet-based, enduring material CME activity based upon the digital capture of an instructional course (IC07) presented at the 2013 ASSH Annual Meeting.
Page Links
Online Course - MOC Approved
This is an internet-based, enduring material CME activity based upon the digital capture of an instructional course (IC25) presented at the 2013 ASSH Annual Meeting.
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