Mid-Career Leaders Program

*The next Mid-Career Leaders Program will take place in 2017. In the meantime, learn about our Young Leaders Program.

The inaugural Mid-Career Leadership Program took place in 2013.  This brand new program was developed as a way for seasoned ASSH members to become more involved in the Hand Society and gain insight on the leadership process of our Society.  Any ASSH Active member with more than eight years of membership can apply, and those chosen will work with ASSH Council to address important issues and shape the Hand Society’s future.

This program will take place every four years.


Those selected for this program are required to:

  • Be an ASSH Active member with eight or more years of membership.
  • Attend the Leadership Program December 2017 in Chicago.
  • Pay for their own travel to and from the December meeting (ASSH will reimburse for hotel, meals and program tuition).
  • Provide ongoing assistance to ASSH committees and/or task forces.


Please contact Haley Licata at [email protected] with questions about this program.

2013 Mid-Career Leaders

Gregory Alberton, MD
Peter Bentivegna, MD
Richard Bernstein, MD
Sanjay Desai, MD
J. Mark Evans, MD
Michael Genoff, MD
Harry Hoyen, MD
Kay Kirkpatrick, MD
Charlie Leinberry, MD
Frederic Liss, MD
Steve McCabe, MD
Stefan Zachary, MD