International Visiting Professor Program

The American Society for Surgery of the Hand is committed to enhancing hand surgery education throughout the world.  The International Relations Committee is especially interested in enhancing surgical education and practice in the developing world as well as strengthening those relationships between the United States and international hand surgeons.  To help us reach our educational goals, the ASSH has developed a program for visiting professors from the United States or Canada to travel to countries that are most in need of hand surgery education.  These specially selected professors will participate in a hand surgery education mission in a host country.  The ASSH will work with the eligible countries to make the best match between selected Visiting Professors and Host Countries.

The ASSH Visiting Professor Program is designed to support up to 4 Visiting Professors a year, who will each complete 2 trips.  Visiting professors will participate in teaching, consulting, patient evaluations, and even perform surgeries, provided the host country regulations allow it.  Professors should plan on a minimum of seven working days, inclusive of travel time, in the host country for each trip.

The host country will pay for accommodation, meals and local transportation.  The Hand Society will help coordinate the match between the visiting professor and the country, as well as cover the expense of coach airfare to/from the host country.  All additional expenses are the responsibility of the visiting professor. 

2015 Visiting Professors

John T. Capo, MD
Colombia & Philippines

Donald H. Lalonde, MD
Georgia & Indonesia

2014 Visiting Professors

Terry R. Light, MD
India & Bangladesh

Marwan A. Wehbe, MD
Ecuador & Bolivia