International Traveling Fellows Program

Since 2000, ASSH has worked with IFSSH-recognized hand societies to select a group of around 15 International Traveling Fellows each year.  These fellows are given a rare opportunity to visit the U.S. facilities of our members in the weeks before and after Annual Meeting to both learn and observe.  They are also given complimentary Annual Meeting registration.  In the past, our members have hosted traveling fellows from Australia, Austria, China, Egypt, Greece, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Facility Visits

Starting in 2016, the fellows will travel together in two groups instead of traveling independently.  This new format will allow the fellows to build relationships with other international surgeons, and will allow host institutions to prepare more educational content for the fellows. The itinerary will be as follows:

Group 1
9/19 – 9/20 Stanford University
9/22 – 9/23 Mayo Clinic
9/26 – 10/1 ASSH Annual Meeting
10/3 – 10/4 Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard University)
10/6 – 10/7 Hospital for Special Surgery, New York City

Group 2
9/19 – 9/20 Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard University)
9/22 – 9/23 Hospital for Special Surgery, New York City
9/26 – 10/1 ASSH Annual Meeting
10/3 – 10/4 Mayo Clinic, Rochester
10/6 – 10/7 Loyola University, Chicago

Group 3
9/19 – 9/20 Mayo Clinic, Rochester
9/22 – 9/23 Loyola University, Chicago 
9/26 – 10/1 ASSH Annual Meeting
10/3 – 10/4 Duke University, Durham
10/6 – 10/7 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Facility visits take place during the two weeks before Annual Meeting and the two weeks after.  Typically, fellows visit between Monday and Friday.  Each visit lasts between two and five days.  This is at the discretion of the host.  It is important to note that all hosts have absolutely no financial obligations.  The traveling fellows and their country's hand society are responsible for all food, travel and lodging.

2016 Traveling Fellow Timeline

April 20
Traveling fellows' application deadline
Facility visits confirmed
September - October      
Facility visits take place

Please email Haley ( with questions about this program.