Guatemala: OR Day 3

Source: Blog Post

There are many burn injuries in Guatemala, with the most common mechanism being scalds.  We saw other burn scars and contractures from fires and acid. 

One young boy happened upon an unmarked container in the field and was dared to drink its contents. He refused, and the container was thrown at him.  The acid within burned his skin and left him with many thick hypertrophic burn scars on the right side of his body.  We partially excised the burn scars of his face, chest and limbs and did steroid injections to the rest.  Guatemalan plastic surgeon Dr. Santiso will continue to follow him for scar care management.

We have done several cases of hand scar contracture releases and skin grafting.  In some situations, the scarring has been long standing, and we were able to get improvement but not full flexibility.  These patients will need long-term follow up care, and we are thankful for our local partners.