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Early Pioneers

Browse images related to the founders of ASSH, including Drs. Sterling Bunnell, Sumner Koch, Michael A. Mason, Adrian E. Flatt, J. William Littler, and Robert A. Chase.

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Founding of

Founding of the ASSH

View documents and images relating to the founding of the ASSH, and read bylaws that span the first few decades.

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Show of

Show of Hands

Check out the artistic images used in the “Show of Hands” exhibit at the 2015 ASSH Annual Meeting, provided by Leo Keoshian, MD and Merlys Keoshian.

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Imaging of the Hand

Imaging of the Hand from Littler to the Future

Peruse the drawings of Dr. J. William Littler from the 2014 ASSH Annual Meeting exhibit, provided by the New York Academy of Medicine and Dr. Steven Glickel.

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