By registering for the ASSH Annual Meeting, you agree to this waiver: 

I understand that the material presented in this continuing medical education/continuing education program (the "Program") has been made available under sponsorship of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (“Course Organizer”) for educational purposes only.  This material is not intended to represent the only, nor necessarily the best, method or procedure appropriate for the medical situations discussed, but rather is intended to present an approach, view, statement or opinion of the faculty which may be of interest to others.  As a condition of my participation in the Program, I hereby (i) waive any claim I may have against the Course Organizer and its Program officers, directors, employees, or agents, or against the presenters or speakers, for reliance on any information presented in the Program; and (ii) release the Course Organizer, their officers, directors, employees, and agents, as well as the presenters and speakers, from and against any and all liability for damage or injury that may arise from my participation or attendance at the Program. I further understand and agree that no reproduction of any kind, including photographs, audiotapes and videotapes, may be made of the Program.  All property rights in the material presented, including common law copyright, are expressly reserved to the presenter or speaker or to the Course Organizer. The Course Organizer is not responsible for expenses incurred by an individual who is not confirmed and for whom space is not available. Costs incurred by the registrant, as such airline or hotel fees or penalties, are the responsibility of the registrant.

I hereby acknowledge and agree that ASSH and/or its agents may take photographs of me during the Program and related events and may use those photographs for ASSH's purposes, including but not limited to news, advertising and promotional purposes, without compensation to me.

I understand and acknowledge that for any additional fee tours and/or social events taking place in conjunction with the Program I am required to agree to the following  waiver.  In consideration of the Course Organizer and Destination Management Company (“Best of Boston”) I waive any claim that I/my children and my/their heirs, administrators and assigns, may have against the Best of Boston, their officers, directors, members, employees and agents and each of them (the “indemnities”); and agree to save and hold indemnities harmless from any and all liability for any injury, disease, death, or damage which may result from my/their participation in any tour/social activity for which I/they have registered. In the event that I/my children become ill or sustain injuries while participating in a tour/social activity, I hereby authorize administration at my cost of such first aid or other treatment as may be necessary under the circumstances, including treatment by a physician or hospital.  I represent and warrant that I have the authority to grant release and waiver of claim.