Linscheid-Dobyns Excellence in Wrist Surgery Award


The goal of this award is to honor the legacy of Drs. Linscheid and Dobyns by annually recognizing the best wrist research paper presented at the ASSH Annual meeting.   


The primary author of the winning wrist paper, along with his or her supporting authors, will be invited to present the “Lincheid-Dobyns Excellence in Wrist” Instructional Course in the following year.  The primary/presenting author will receive a $5,000 honorarium. 


Any paper related to wrist surgery in either basic or clinical research presented at the ASSH Annual Meeting is eligible for this award.  Award winner will be selected and announced in the month proceeding the Annual Meeting.  Visit to learn more about how to submit an abstract. 


Selection of the best paper will be organized by the ASSH Education Division Director in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic, Division of Hand Surgery (Rochester, Minnesota).   


A Comparative Analysis of Resource Utilization between Proximal Row Carpectomy and Partial Wrist Fusion: A Population Study
Paymon Rahgozar, MD
Lin Zhong, MD
Kevin C. Chung, MD

2018 ASSH Annual Meeting Instructional Course – IC03: The University of Michigan Grand Rounds on Wrist Ligament Injuries, Case-based Discussions

SLAC 2 Wrist: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Four-Corner Fusion and Radioscapholunate Fusion
Stephen Tham, MBBS
Simon Chan, MD
Jason Harvey, MBBS, FRACS
Sheena Sikora, MD

2017 ASSH Annual Meeting Instructional Course – IC58: Preserving Wrist Motion in Wrist Arthritis 

Dorsal Wrist Extrinsic Carpal Ligaments Injury Exacerbates Volar Radiocarpal Instability After Intra-Articular Distal Radius Fractures
Thay Q. Lee, PhD
Christopher N.H. Bui, MD
Gregory H. Rafijah, MD
Timothy Kahn, BA
Alex Peterson, BA
Charles Lin, BA

2016 ASSH Annual Meeting Instructional Course - IC01: How Normal Life Activities Affect Wrist Motion: A New Understanding

Intra-articular Fractures of the Sigmoid Notch of the Distal Radius: Analysis of Progression to Distal Radial Ulnar Joint Arthritis and Impact on Upper Extremity Function in Surgically Treated Fractures
Mark A. Vitale, MD, MPH
David M. Brogan, MD, MSc
Alexander Y. Shin, MD
Richard A. Berger, MD, PhD

2015 ASSH Annual Meeting Instructional Course - IC01: Boney Trauma to the DRUJ


AFSH 25th Anniversary Campaign - Linscheid-Dobyns Fund

Corpus Goal: $200,000 / Payout: $10,000 (once fund is significantly over corpus goal).  

Wrist Research Grants – once the corpus is significantly over $200,000, the remaining income generated by the fund will be used to provide research grants related to wrist surgery (fast-track seed grants, basic science, or clinical research grants) up to $5,000, as determined by the ASSH Research Director. 

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