Correspondence News is a monthly newsletter edited by Kevin F. Lutsky, MD.  It features articles from ASSH members with surgical pearls, tips, techniques, and words of wisdom.

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Postings MUST be submitted via this online form.  Photos, graphics, X-rays and additional supporting material can be attached within the form.  (PDF and JPEG formats are the most compatible).  Please note: If submissions are of a scanned publication/letter/etc., there will be a delay in posting the submission.


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Recent Articles
Correspondence News
March 2015 Correspondence News
Creator: Jeffrey A. Greenberg, MD, MS

The author discusses his creative solution to needing distraction when facilitating injections.

Correspondence News
February 2015 Correspondence News
Creator: John S. Taras, MD

The author discusses a case in which a woman injured her wrist and how he addressed the fracture.

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