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This month's picks come from section editor Adam B. Shafritz, MD, from University of Vermont College of Medicine of Burlington, VT. 

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Precourse 06: In Service to Others: Preparing for and Delivering Care in Austere Medical Environments: A Hand Surgeons Primer.

The action of delivering medical care outside of ones home health system in response to disaster(s), such as Haitis earthquake in 2010, and/or in response to medical need in underserved regions appears to have grown amongst members of the ASSH. Historically, service outside of ones home practice by members of the ASSH has been exemplary. However, todays worldwide environment has changed in the context of regulations, patient expectations and relative risks to personnel.

Volunteerism: How to Volunteer in a Domestic or International Setting

This instructional course discusses the different aspects of volunteering either domestically or internationally.  It intends to provide potential volunteer hand surgeons with the practical knowledge that prepares them to pursue this noble endeavor. 

The Richness of Caring for the Poor: The Development and Implementation of the Touching Hands Project - Presidential Address

By Scott H. Kozin, MD By Scott Kozin

When you open your heart and your life through volunteering, the experience will affect you at your core.

Duration: 33:33