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Reconstruction Options for the Hypoplastic Thumb - Opponensplasty and Pollicization

By Scott H. Kozin, MD By Scott Kozin

00:00 – FDS opponensplasty
14:55 – Huber/ ADM opponensplasty
26:18 – ECU opponensplasty
29:45 – EIP opponensplasty
39:00 – Pollicization

Duration: 1:24:25
Oberlin Nerve Transfers

By David McCombe By David McCombe

00:00 - Oberlin Transfer / Double Fascicular Transfer
19:45 - Axillary Nerve Transfer

Duration: 29:57
Brachial Plexus Dissection

By David McCombe By David McCombe

00:00 - Brachial Plexus Dissection
47:30 - Spinal Accessory Nerve Transfer Options

Duration: 59:45
Tendon Transfers for Various Palsies - Tetraplegia

By Scott H. Kozin, MD By Scott Kozin

0:21:20 - Split FPL to EPL Transfer
0:29:50 - Brachioradialis to FPL
0:35:00 - ECRL to FDP
0:57:00 - Flexor pronator slide
1:28:00 - Ghani flap

Duration: 1:32:52