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A Message from the Research Division Director
Volunteer Note
Creator: Fraser J. Leversedge, MD
The ASSH is seeking qualified peer reviewers to join the Research Management Committee to evaluate, to critique, and to identify high-quality research projects for potential grant support.  Committee members are selected for their subject matter expertise, their experience with the grants / award process, and their ability to evaluate objectively the quality and potential of a study submission.  
Get Engaged – Join a Committee!
The Hand Society thrives off the diverse perspectives and manifold contributions of its dedicated members.  To encourage more voices to enter the conversation, President Ghazi Rayan, MD has collaborated with the Volunteer Engagement Task Force, consisting of David Ruch, MD, Ines Lin, MD and Steve Moran, MD, as chair, to create a new Volunteer Engagement Platform (VEP).  
An Update on the Creation of CTS Measures
Volunteer Note
Creator: Steve McCollam, MD and Rob Kamal, MD
Rob and I wanted to update you on the activities of the Quality Metrics Committee. This past fall our committee established a work group to develop performance measures for the evaluation and treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). 
A Sailing Ship Propelled By the Power of Generosity

The February 2017 IFSSH Ezine.

Ethics, Professionalism and Professional Responsibility
Presidential Note
Creator: Ghazi Rayan, MD
In an effort to advance, enhance and promote professionalism among its members, ASSH established a code of ethics and professionalism in 2008. 
One Question - Smart Devices

Results of the One Question asking about smart assistant devices and streaming devices.

Why to Attend the 2017 Wrist Course
Volunteer Note
Creator: Kevin F. Lutsky, MD and Mark E. Baratz, MD
The Wrist Course has been designed to maximize this type of interaction, and will incorporate clinical cases, surgical techniques, and tricks and pearls from experts in the field.
Weekly Member Update - January 6, 2017
New JHS Focus Post, New Online Consultation Corner Webinar Announced and more!
Facing Common Complications in Hand Surgery
Volunteer Note
Creator: Sanjeev Kakar, MD
Despite the utmost amount of care and attention, unfortunately, some of our patients develop complications.  This is not only upsetting for us, but it can also be devastating for our patients.  How did this happen and what can you do now
Weekly Member Update - December 30, 2016

Last Chance for 2016 AFSH Donations, One Question Results and more!

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