Plastic Surgery Visiting Professor Program

Apply now to be a Visiting Professor for 2019-2020. Applications are due May 13. Applications to host a visiting professor will be available in June 2019. 

2018-2019 Professors

Kyle R.

Kyle R. Eberlin, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital

Ida K.

Ida K. Fox, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine


The American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) established in 2004 the Plastic Surgery Visiting Professorship Program to encourage plastic surgery residents to pursue a career in hand surgery and to increase involvement with the ASSH.  Each year, 6 plastic surgery programs are selected to host an ASSH visiting professor--an accomplished plastic hand surgeon who may serve as a "role model" for trainees and students. The 1- to 2-day visit generally features lectures, informal discussion with residents, and cadaver dissection if available.

The ASSH sponsors the visits by covering the flight and home transportation, as well as a small honorarium for the visiting professor. In turn, the host institution is expected to provide housing, onsite transportation and meals.
The ASSH Plastic Surgery Professorship Program has received excellent reviews from plastic surgery faculty and residents.


If you are interested in becoming a visiting professor, hosting a professor, or if you have questions about the application process, please contact Haley Licata, CAE, at [email protected] or 312-880-1900.
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History of ASSH Visiting Professors

Amy M. Moore, MD
Jaimie T. Shores, MD

Steven C. Haase, MD
Douglas M. Sammer, MD, FACS

Brian T. Carlsen, MD
Scott D. Lifchez, MD

Steven J. McCabe, MD
Scott N. Oishi, MD

David Netscher, MD
J. Grant Thomson, MD

Jeffrey Friedrich, MD
Neil F. Jones, MD

Vincent Hentz, MD
Charlie Eaton, MD

William Dzwierzynski, MD
W. Chris Pederson, MD

Warren Hammert, MD
James Higgins, MD
Steven Moran, MD

Donald Lalonde, MD
Brad Wilhelmi, MD
Mike Neumeister, MD

James Chang, MD
Prosper Benhaim, MD
Kodi Azari, MD

W. P. Andrew Lee, MD
Randy Sherman, MD
Elvin Zook, MD

Neil F. Jones, MD
Susan Mackinnon, MD
L. Scott Levin, MD

Kevin Chung, MD
Nick Vedder, MD
Rod Hentz, MD