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The directory of hand surgery fellowship programs has been compiled by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. This information is posted solely for informational purposes. ASSH has not reviewed or investigated the fellowships listed. ASSH makes no representations as to the accuracy of the information provided or the completeness of the list. Furthermore, this list does not constitute approval, certification or endorsement by the ASSH for any fellowship listed. The fellowship information is subject to change, so please contact the appropriate fellowship for further information.

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Coming Soon! - Online Fellowship Application

Here are frequently asked questions about our upcoming online fellowship application:

When can applicants begin using this platform? 
The platform will be available around October 15th, and will be used for hand fellowship applications for the 2017-2018 cycle.

How will applicants use the platform?
The standardized application will be based on the previous paper form. This will include upload links for the following documents: 

  • Picture
  • CV 
  • Standardized tests (USMLE or equivalent)
  • A personal statement
  • List of publications and presentations
  • List of hobbies
  • Entry of college, postgraduate, medical, residency, and other education is also included.

How will applicants submit letters of recommendation?
Applicants can send a link to recommenders to upload letters of support. Letters will not be visible to applicants, although applicants can check to see if the letter has been uploaded.

Can applicants submit applications to multiple programs, and is there any cost involved?
The centralized hand fellowship directory is linked with the application platform. One application can be submitted to as many programs as the applicant chooses.  

Pricing Structure:

  • 1-10 applications are free
  • 11 – 30 applications will have a fee of $20 each
  • 31 and over will have a fee of $25 per application. 

These fees will cover the data management costs.

What can applicants do to prepare before the platform is ready?
The fellowship directory is available for viewing now: https://myaccount.assh.org/FellowshipDirectory 

It is recommended that you prepare all the above documents (and any others listed by the individual programs) so that you are ready for the platform when it opens. Ask recommenders for letters, so the letters are ready to be uploaded. 

How will applicants know when the platform is ready?

We will announce this on our fellowship directory page. Central office staff are also keeping a list of applicants who have asked to be notified.

For Residents

Match Day for the 2018-2019 program was May 24, 2017. Match Day for the 2019-2020 program is TBD.

The below positions were unfilled during the recent match. You can download the Universal Hand Surgery Fellowship Application which has been approved for use by most programs in the Hand Fellowship Match. Please direct all questions and send the application directly to the fellowship program.


The NRMP oversees the match program. Visit their website for more information about the upcoming match. You can contact them at (866) 653-6767 or [email protected].

Fellowship Directors: To update or add a hand surgery fellowship program description or openings, contact [email protected]