ASSH Position Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

At ASSH, we strongly believe in and encourage diversity and inclusion. Having a diverse and accepting culture provides strength, creativity, innovation, and opportunity for ASSH members and employees, for ASSH as an organization, and, we believe, ultimately for the betterment of our member’s patients, as well. ASSH strives to promote diversity and inclusion by providing equal access to development, training and leadership opportunities. ASSH also strives to promote diversity and inclusion by underscoring their importance through its processes for identifying highly qualified volunteers to serve as ASSH committee members, faculty and Council leaders. ASSH believes that having a wide-range of backgrounds, views, opinions, and perspectives helps ASSH fulfill its mission, and that diversity, broadly defined to include, among other things, gender, ethnicity, practice type, geography, institution and the like, are essential elements of that goal.

Approved by ASSH Council 5/19/2018