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International Community

The American Society for Surgery of the Hand is committed to enhancing hand surgery education, collaboration and outreach throughout the world.  We invite you to get involved in our programs specially for international surgeons and take advantage of all the opportunities available through the ASSH.

International Membership Information

Learn more about the benefits of membership including membership qualifications and how to apply to become a member.

Special Self-Assessment Rate

Our Self-Assessment Examination is a comprehensive evaluation of upper extremity knowledge.  This open-book exam is a great review tool.  All international registrants receive the ASSH Member rate of $195 USD (no code needed).  Learn more.



Opportunities for U.S. Surgeons to participate in International Activities:

Apply to be an International Visiting Professor

Host an International Fellow

Become an International Guest Hand Society ambassador at the Annual Meeting.

International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH) Newsletters:

Learn more about the IFSSH at

Annual Meeting

International Bring a Young Surgeon Program

International Reception

AFSH/International Lounge

Learn more about traveling to the Annual Meeting.

International Guest Hand Society at the Annual Meeting

The ASSH Guest Society program was created to foster greater recognition and awareness of the contributions made to the practice of hand surgery from around the globe.

Guest Society members enjoy:

  • Discounted registration at the Annual Meeting (email for special registration code)
  • ASSH International Membership application fee is waived and membership dues are reduced for the first year after being accepted
  • Leadership of the Guest Society are invited to VIP events
  • Access to the "Very Important Person" VIP l lounge serving light snacks and refreshments
  • Special e-poster section dedicated to posters from Guest Society
  • Opportunities to present international viewpoint at Instructional Course Lectures and/or Symposium
  • Invitation to International Reception as honored Guests

Become an International Guest Hand Society ambassador at the Annual Meeting

Attending the Annual Meeting?  Join us in welcoming our International Guest Hand Society attendees.  Be sure to check the box on your Annual Meeting registration form if you are interested in being paired up with an International Attendee as part of international ambassador program.  This is an excellent way to expand your network and help create a positive experience for our international participants.  All International Guest attendees and ambassadors will be invited to a special orientation at the Annual Meeting as well as the international reception.  Ambassadors will help make introductions, be available to answer questions about the ASSH, and offer a friendly hand to help our guests navigate the Annual Meeting.  You may also sign up via email by contacting the ASSH at

International Reception (by invitation only)

All international attendees and their guests are invited to the International Reception held on Friday night, from 6:30 – 7:30 PM during the Annual Meeting.   Enjoy music, food, and drink while gathering with your international colleagues.

"VIP" Lounge (by invitation only)

The "Very Important Person" VIP Lounge offers a quiet gathering place for International Attendees and Hand Foundation "Giving Circle" members.  The lounge will be open Tuesday at 3:00 PM and will close on Saturday at 4:00 PM and will feature morning and afternoon refreshments along with internet enabled computer workstations with printers.  Note: the lounge is by invitation-only to qualified AFSH donors and international attendees –spouses and families are not permitted.  

Post Your International Meeting on our Website

Interested in posting your international hand meeting on the ASSH website?  Visit our International Courses page for more information.

International Visiting Professor Program

Interested in hosting a U.S. Professor for a week-long education mission?  The ASSH Visiting Professor Program is designed to support (2) Visiting Professors a year, who will each complete two week-long trips.  Learn more about this opportunity.

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