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Bolivia 2017
Bolivia: Day 6

Our 4th day in the OR was a busy one; thankfully our PACU nurse Kim was back on her feet feeling much better. We continue to enjoy the views of La Paz traveling back and forth to the hospital.

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Bolivia: Day 5

Our hand surgeons Nate and Subhro casted this 2 year old, then used the cast saw to bivalve it and secured it with coban. This reduces the trauma for everyone involved when using a cast saw when a 2 year old...

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Bolivia: Day 4

The majority of our team walked to the hospital but this did not include one of our very important translators, Dora. Unfortunately she spent the day with us supine and with an IV. Hoping for a better day...

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Bolivia: Day 3

We had a nice walk to the hospital and noticed this art work along the way! We started our 1st day in the OR with a discussion of various scenarios and how we would be prepared for and respond to each.

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Bolivia: Day 2

Our 1st clinic day was a great success! We attended a press conference with government officials, hospital administrators, Banco Mercantil representative (financial support), our host Dr. Jorge Terrazas, and our team...

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