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Ethiopia 2017
Ethiopia: Day 5

May 12, 2017 - Six days goes quickly when you are having fun! Our last day of surgical cases included post-traumatic deformity, more congenital hand and a clavicle pseudarthrosis case. Our weekly totals included...

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Ethiopia: Day 4

In addition to a couple of surgeries, including this bilateral congenital hand deformity that defies classification, today was largely a day of teaching. In the spirit of “the only shortcut you need is...

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Ethiopia: Day 3

We had the great opportunity to meet Dr Rick Hodes, an absolute legend in Ethiopian medical care for his contributions to the healthcare of countless African children through his 30 year career in Ethiopia. An...

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Ethiopia: Day 2

Once the week gets going, we start our days by seeing patients we operated on last year. Dr Kozin, examining this girls one year after bipolar latissimus transfer. This 16 year old with spinal muscular atrophy...

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Ethiopia: Day 1

We’re back in Addis Ababa for THP Ethiopia part III at CURE Hospital! Scott Kozin and I landed in the early morning hours Sunday and went straight to the hospital. As has become our tradition, the hospital staff...

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