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Dominican Republic: Day Eight

We all trickle into breakfast today, but no one really gets much food. We are all still stuffed from our Mexican dinner last night! We head to the hospital for the postop clinic where we will see all the patients from this past week. 

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Dominican Republic: Day Seven

Well last night was one for the books. I don’t think we could have laughed more if we tried. It was leopard night. Dr. Murphy has set a tradition such that one night during the DR trip he declares it to be leopard night. Everyone MUST wear leopard. The brighter, the better.

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Dominican Republic: Day Six

After a fun night at dinner hearing Dr. Colon’s life story, we all trickle into breakfast a little late. Dr. Murphy has instilled a tradition here such that each person on the trip shares their life story one night at dinner to really get to know one another. We head to the hospital for a fun day of operating!

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Dominican Republic: Day Five

Today we had a BIG day ahead of us! We had our daily breakfast at Largo café and get to the hospital by 8:15am to get working. Our first two cases included a Malrich procedure for a scaphoid nonunion and a left wrist trapeziectomy with a radial forearm flap for chronic hand osteomyelitis from a previous gunshot wound.

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Dominican Republic: Day Four

Today we have some complex cases in our two general ORs today! For our first cases, we have a child who suffered burns on his hand resulting in finger flexion contractures and another child who sustained a zone 2 flexor tendon injury. Thanks to anesthesia for being able to take such great day of the kids while we operate!

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