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Ethiopia: Days 3-5

The second half of our week flew by. One of our great realizations was that in 5 years of coming to the same hospital and working with the same dedicated local surgeons was that they had begun to care for many of the types of hand cases we had initially been doing.

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Ethiopia: Day Two

The next OR days were filled with a mixture of burn and congenital reconstructive surgeries. We quickly got back in the groove with the fantastic local nursing and anesthesia staff including US-trained lead anesthesiologist James Layton, MD who were supported by two visiting US anesthesiology fellows from Stanford.

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Ethiopia: Day One

With the Friday/Saturday course behind us, we were ready to start our clinical work with a clinic screening day. The staff at Cure Hospital graciously agreed to work on a Sunday and welcomed us with open arm and warm smiles. The 5th mission to Ethiopia resembled a family reunion.

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Ghana: January 11-25

Dr. Brad Rockwell, a Hand Surgeon at University of Utah Medical Center, kicked off 2019 for the Touching Hands Project by participating in our first ever THP-funded Ghana mission, in partnership with Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO). This was Dr. Rockwell's 8th visit to Ghana, and we are thrilled to have had such an experienced surgeon at the helm of this mission.

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Ethiopia: Pre-Mission Surgical Course

The Touching Hand Project Team of Duretti Fufa, MD and Scott Kozin, MD landed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in the early AM on April 5th, 2019. A 2-day course had been planned prior to the mission focusing on Nerve Injury and Soft Tissue Reconstruction: Principles and Surgical Techniques. The first day consisted of lectures and case presentation to 39 participants (residents and junior consultants).

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