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Honduras: Day Six

Friday always seems to suddenly be upon us during each of the THP brigades. Despite the busy week, our team-building hike last Saturday seems forever-ago, and we have become a cohesive and collegial group that has much to be proud of.

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Honduras: Day Five

We left for the hospital at 7AM this morning and started cases quickly. Today I covered pediatric cases, including a scar excision over the antecubital fossa and a hamartoma debulking with Dr. Fufa...

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Honduras: Day Four

Today we arrived at the hospital for yet another busy operative day. We ran the board of cases in the AM with the surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses and assigned roles for they day. We have found that communication is critical!

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Honduras: Day Three

Just a few days ago our 20-person team met for the first time in San Pedro Sula. It has only been 4 days since our introductory dinner during which we shared our role on the team and where we were traveling from.

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Honduras: Day Two

This morning after breakfast at the hotel, we set off early for the hospital so that some could unpack and organize operative instruments and supplies, while the rest of us got right to work on our first big case.

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