Dominican Republic: Day Eight

Source: Blog Post

We all trickle into breakfast today, but no one really gets much food. We are all still stuffed from our Mexican dinner last night! We head to the hospital for the postop clinic where we will see all the patients from this past week. We did a total of 48 cases this week (and saw approximately 100 patients in preop clinic at the beginning of the week)! With Dr. Murphy gone, Dr. Fuller and Dr. Faucher step in as the new “Los Jefes.”

We finish postop clinic around 12 noon…. Now it is our time to reflect on the week and enjoy a little down time the rest of the day before we leave the DR tomorrow. We all went to the beach to grab some lunch before half of the group went off to play a round of golf and the other half enjoyed a massage at the spa.

We want to thank our wonderful nurses, Stephanie and Bryce. They were essential for this trip in making sure the operating rooms ran smoothly. We could not have done it without them.

And that’s a wrap! Until next time…….