Dominican Republic: Day Seven

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Well last night was one for the books. I don’t think we could have laughed more if we tried. It was leopard night. Dr. Murphy has set a tradition such that one night during the DR trip he declares it to be leopard night. Everyone MUST wear leopard. The brighter, the better.

Today is our last day operating. We have some great cases on for today. To start off our day, Dr. Hill and Dr. Faucher have a radial shaft fracture in a 23 yo gentleman. Meanwhile, Dr. Daruwalla and Dr. Fuller work on a distal radius nonunion with extreme deformity. Both cases could not have gone smoother working with limited equipment here in the DR!

We continue through our cases relatively quickly today. Other cases included hardware removal from an olecranon fracture fixed by Dr. Murphy during a previous trip, elbow ganglion cyst removal, thumb metacarpal fracture, PIP and MP dorsal capsulectomies for finger extension contracture, and an index finger digital nerve repair. Way to go Dr. Miles on her digital nerve repair and thank you to Dr. Daruwalla for the excellent teaching and direction on this case!

While the last case was in progress, the rest of the team begins to pack up for the week, but things get a little goofy. Dr. Petra turns on some local Caribbean music and a dance party breaks out. Once everything is put away, Dr. Fuller gets creative to make a surgical mask!

We head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We tried a new Mexican restaurant that was fantastic. The goofy mood continues throughout dinner with nonstop laughter. Tonight is Dr. Murphy’s last night as he is leaving a day early for a family occasion, so we must celebrate in Dr. Murphy’s honor!