Dominican Republic: Day Six

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After a fun night at dinner hearing Dr. Colon’s life story, we all trickle into breakfast a little late. Dr. Murphy has instilled a tradition here such that each person on the trip shares their life story one night at dinner to really get to know one another. We head to the hospital for a fun day of operating!

Our first cases included a thumb schwannoma excision from a 10-year-old boy and treatment of a scaphoid nonunion with a vascularized bone graft pedicled on the transverse volar carpal artery from the volar aspect of the distal radius performed by Dr. Daruwalla and Dr. Fuller. Great job on the vascularized bone graft, Dr. Daruwalla!

Our 2nd general OR cases included a PRC with PIN neurectomy for SLAC wrist with Dr. Hill and Dr. Faucher and a ring finger PIP capsuloectomy, tenolysis and z-plasty for a chronic flexion contraction with Dr. Daruwalla and Dr. Fuller.

Our last cases for the day included an FPL tendon repair with median nerve repair with the radial sensory nerve from a machete injury performed by Dr. Daruwalla and Dr. Fuller and a single stage flexor tendon repair with a digital nerve repair by Dr. Hill and Dr. Faucher. Dr. Daruwalla and Dr. Fuller were doing such a great job that they had an audience!

During the day Dr. Faucher gave an EXCELLENT hand lecture to the local DR medical students!

Throughout the day we had a bunch of local procedures performed by our junior resident physicians, Dr. Miles and Dr. Colon. Procedures included elbow mass excision, ganglion cyst excision, trigger finger release, carpal tunnel release and an extensor tenotomy for a boutonniere deformity. We also had a patient who had a previous forearm amputation come in for which we created a plaster mold of his amputation site. We hope to get a prosthesis made for him back in the US.

We finished about 4:45pm tonight and headed back to the hotel for another relaxing evening!