Dominican Republic: Day One - Day Three

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Day 1

Dr. Michael Murphy’s 10 person team arrived throughout the day Saturday Dec 1 with large duffle bags in tow stocked with surgical supplies/ sundries and orthopedic implants. By nightfall all were present and enjoyed an evening dinner getting to know each other. The team consists of 2 faculty attending surgeons, 3 alumni surgeons, 3 fellows and two RN’s.

Day 2

The Curtis team assembled for an early morning breakfast to discuss the format for the long day ahead in the Centro Medico Hospital Clinic where 128 patients are scheduled for consultation.

The team arrived shortly thereafter at Centro Medico Hospital to start the day.

Dr Murphy, affectionately known locally after 20 years of service in the DR as ‘El Jefe’, is greeted at the front lobby immediately by one of his former patients…proudly presenting her new and improved left hand after radial club hand centralization in June 2018. From there… it was off to clinic.

The clinic consists of a mix of adult and pediatric reconstructive, post traumatic reconstructive (machete) and congenital surgery. The machete injuries are frequently several months or more out from date of injury and require a whole roster of multistage reconstructive surgeries including nerve grafts, tendon transfers, and occasionally joint fusions in the chronic neglected cases. After clinic concluded, the team loaded up 45 duffle bags/ plastic storage containers full of the week’s surgical supplies, sundries and implants and headed to the OR to sort and stock for the 50-60 surgeries scheduled for the week ahead.

After a long day in clinic the team assembled for a group photo before heading back to the hotel.

The team then headed back to the hotel to organize the OR schedules for the balance of the week.

After that the Curtis team headed to dinner and a night of lively conversation and entertainment by one of the finest mariachi trios in the Dominican Republic!

Day 3

Today was the first day in the OR where a mix of congenital and post traumatic reconstructive cases were performed .

Many thanks to our local host Isabelle Leon, MD, Chief of General Surgery at Centro Medico Hospital, who has graciously welcomed Doctor Michael Murphy and his Curtis National Hand Center team for the past 20 years plus....none of this would ever have been possible without her gracious assistance and continuous support….