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Today was our final operative day. After a productive week, we ended the day with five cases, including an add on case, for a total of 17 cases for the mission.

On rounds today we were able to discharge our radial club hand patient with a smile. It was great to hear that burning sensations had stopped for our ulnar nerve neuroma resection and sural nerve graft. While our elbow release was doing well from a pain perspective.

Our cases included an FCU to ECRB tendon transfer in a patient with cerebral palsy. We widened the first webspace with a rotational flap (Ghani flap) in a child with Apert’s syndrome. We fused a wrist in a patient who had right sided hemiplegia after a gunshot to the head as a 6 year old. We addressed a distal radius non union in a middle age woman. Finally we ended the day on a distal radius osteotomy and autograft in a 19 year old orphan with a distal radius malunion.

Completed local flap to deepen and widen the 1st webspace in a child with Apert’s syndrome.


Before and after of 39 year old woman with distal radius non union treated distal ulna resection and distal radius autograft and internal fixation.


Dr. Gelfand and Dr. Roulette performing final case of the trip, distal radius osteotomy and iliac crest autograft and fixation.


We continued to be consciencious of which cases required power tools or need for intraoperative fluoroscopy. We decided to run soft tissue only cases simultaneous with cases that required surgical saws, plates, screws or c-arm. It was a day that made you understand how much we take for granted in the resource rich operating rooms in the United States. Having an amazing surgical scrub team helped in these moments because they were vigilant in keeping stock of our surgical inventory.

Emmanuel and Dr. Alexis planning for the day.


We want to highlight the work of Emmanuel. He worked alongside Dr. Alexis in helping to follow up with patients, schedule them for clinic and surgery, and then making sure that they arrived. He was responsible in tracking our add on case today. His tireless work behind the scenes augmented our patient reach this week. People like him are crucial for clinical success in global surgery.

Overall, it has been great week of interesting cases and efficient teamwork. The team is looking forward to wrapping up the week with an excursion tomorrow.