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The THP and Hopital Advantiste teams were working at full throttle today. Through outstanding teamwork we were able to perform 7 procedures while running 2 rooms. We were moving on all cylinders from the start.

Our patients were able to receive preoperative blocks to improve on post operative pain management with the help of the anesthesia team and CRNA students coming from Middle Tennessee. For instance their team was able to provide an indwelling catheter so a patient who received an elbow contracture release would be able mobilize tomorrow with our therapist in a pain free manner. The educational opportunity for the CRNA students was extraordinary. Their presence augmented the patients’ care and worked well within the flow of a busy day.

Clinic photo of radial club hand patient.
Radiographs showing previous centralization of the right hand.

Our case of the day was the little girl who we saw in clinic on Monday with the bilateral radial club hand who underwent surgery for her left upper extremity today. This case called for management of a rotational flap, intraoperative radiographic imaging, and a surgical team with expertise in upper extremity deformities. It showcased he capabilities of this hospital in conjunction with the talents of the THP team.

Preoperative and post operative photos of our radial club hand patient today.

Interestingly, Dr. Alexis had been a part of the patient’s previous centralization procedure, so he graciously allowed the fellow (me!!!!) the opportunity to do the procedure with Dr. Gelfand. Dr. Alexis instead took the opportunity to test out the arthroscopic equipment in one of our scheduled shoulder scopes. With the aid of Dr. Gelfand, Dr. Alexis was able to build on a skill that he would like to expand to his patient population.

An integral part of our team approach is our scrub, operative nursing, post operative nursing and hand therapy care. They work in conjunction with our partners in the hospital, and allow us to keep a strong continuity of care through all the phases of the patients surgical experience.

Melissa Hampton, amazing scrub, great at thumbs up.
Sharon Naumann keeps the PACU running smoothly, by making sure Dr. Roulette writes the orders correctly.

J.J., surgical scrub, deserves a special mention. He is a native Haitian who worked as a scrub for the THP team in the past. He has recently moved to the US, where he now does the same job in Maryland. However, he remained committed to return with THP team to continue to provide care to his countrymen. He has been the glue connecting the THP team and the Hopital Advantiste operating room staff.

J.J. successful again at avoiding direct eye contact with the camera.

Overall, today was the right way to start the operative week. The team has already planned the remainder of the week’s cases and we have implemented strategies to help us continue this momentum. Tomorrow is scheduled with a more complex case load, and we are confident we will continue to provide excellent care.

Dr. Alexis and Dr. Gelfand performing an open elbow release.