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Dr. Francel Alexis and Dr. Jeffrey Gelfand

Today was the team’s first day in clinic. In collaboration with our Haitian Orthopaedic partners, Dr. Francel Alexis and Dr. Jacky Jean, we held a clinic that involved 20 pre-selected patients for evaluation for possible surgery and follow up from previous trips. It was an exciting day with interesting cases. One such case was a 6 year old girl who had bilateral radial clubhand. She underwent a successful centralization on the right hand by Dr. Jeffrey Gelfand one year ago and now returned to have her other hand done this week. We also evaluated a 19 year old orphan who was found on the street by a good samaritan 5 months after having his right wrist and femur broken after a motor cycle accident. He has already had his femur fixed by Dr. Alexis, but now has a chronic malunion of his right wrist that we will address surgically this week. Overall we are ready to tackle an operative schedule that currently includes 17 cases with 5 potential back up cases this week.

6 y/o female bilateral radial club hand, now 1 year after centralization surgery.


Anesthesia team having pre-op discussion with patient with distal radius malunion.


Dr. Alexis discharging patient from clinic…and finding out he was being photographed.


Dr. Jacky Jean and Hand Therapist Lisa Marcoon collaborating on patient care.


Dr. Gelfand and Dr. Alexis planning the surgical order for tomorrow.


Dr. Roulette discussing arthritic care in Haitian Kreyol with Haitian interpreter on stand by near by.


After a long clinic day, the team convened for academics with new Haitian Orthopaedic generalist attendings joining the audience. Dr. Roulette lead a talk on radial longitudinal deficiency, courtesy of Dr. Christopher Chadderdon of OrthoCarolina. This was followed by Dr. Gelfand providing an interactive overview of hand anatomy and common pathology seen by Orthopaedic generalists. The lectures were filled with great discussion on potential opportunities for improvement of care in treating common hand pathology.

From right to left: Dr. Glenn Gilmore (anesthesia), Lisa Marcoon (hand therapy), Dr. Suleika Michel (OB/Gyn), Jean Boyer (surgical scrub), Laura Norton (RN), Sharon Naumann (RN), Dr. Jeffrey Gelfand (Hand and Upper Extremity).

Ultimately, the team ended the day with a group dinner and final wrap up on executing our first operative day tomorrow. We look forward to caring for our patients tomorrow.