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Per usual, we got off our flights at 7am Sunday and were seeing patients in the clinic by 9am. The staff arranged a 75 patient clinic day for us on a day the hospital is usually closed, so that we could indicate the surgeries for the next 5 days. The breadth of cases at this pediatric hospital ranged from obstetric brachial plexus palsy, congenital hand deformities, post-traumatic and post-burn deformities. We had no trouble finding about 20 kids to operate on during the coming week.

 See the link below for the story of Usman, our first case of the week. A truly unique and impressive macrodactyly case in this 2 year old boy:

Monday-Wednesday were stacked with 4 cases each day. We divided and conquered the congenital and traumatic cases, working with Dr Rick, the director of Cure Ethiopia Hospital, Dr Mesfin, an Ethiopian orthopaedic surgeon, their pediatric fellow and orthopaedic residents. 

We love being a part of this team!