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For the last day of the mission, the therapists went to the Pediatric Moore Center and saw 26 patients in the morning. They provided them with therapy exercises and fabricated various splints. As for the surgeons, we had several short cases booked in rooms 2 and 3 to give the team time to pack all of the OR equipment and store it for next year’s mission. However, room 1 still had one big case – a patient with a burn contracture to both the dorsal/volar hand and distal forearm with an intrinsic minus deformity.  We excised the scarred tissue, performed a tenolysis of both extensor and flexor tendons, released and pinned the MP joints, and resurfaced the open defect with a paraumbilical pedicled flap. The patient had a local plastic surgeon that had already performed multiple surgeries on and agreed to perform the separation of the flap in 3 weeks time.

April 20, 2018 Cases:

  1. Burn contracture release, tenolysis flexor and extensor tendons, MP joint capsulotomies, and coverage of defect with paraumbilical pedicled flap
  2. Trigger thumb release x5
  3. Hardware removal
  4. Small digit DIP fusion
  5. Pilomatrixoma excision
  6. Long finger tissue debulking – amniotic band)
  7. Complex syndactyly release
  8. Retinacular cyst excision