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Today was our first OR day. We got off to a busy start with 8 cases for the day, most of which were quite complex.

Room 1 started with a left index pollicization for a 3 year old girl who we performed a contralateral pollicization on 18 months ago. During the last mission, we struggled during the procedure owing to the extremely small ulnar digital artery of the index finger, however, this time around the case was fortunately much smoother!

Another patient we had seen and operated on last mission was a patient with Apert’s syndrome with bilateral rosebud hands. We had released bilateral 1st webspaces last year with the use of a Ghani flap and this year we addressed the 4th webspace syndactyly, as well as re-released the 1st web on the right hand a second time to provide an even deeper 1st webspace.

April 16, 2018 Cases:

  1. Index pollicization – radial club hand
  2. One bone forearm – obstetrical brachial plexus
  3. Bilateral 4th webspace syndactyly release and right 1st webspace re-release – bilateral rosebud hands (Apert’s)
  4. Humerus osteotomy and ORIF – osteogenesis imperfecta
  5. Bilateral thumb MP joint chondrodesis and stiletto flaps – bilateral clasped thumbs
  6. Palmar burn contracture release and skin grafting – burn contracture
  7. Scar release, tenolysis and ECRL to FDP transfer – burn contracture
  8. Bilateral 3rd webspace complex syndactyly release 

Elsewhere, the therapists provided educational workshops to local therapists and physiotherapy students at the hotel. They worked with the students on assessment, clinical reasoning, treatment progression and splinting. Today’s workshops covered general splinting concepts as well as discussed the elbow and ulnar sided wrist pain.

At Chicoy Alto, the group continued its community service – this year by developing a safe road to the school that GHHF helped construct over the past few years. They also built flower boxes!