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*This mission is sponsored in part by a generous donation from the Touching Hands Project.*

Welcome to the blog detailing the 2018 mission of the Guatemala Healing Hands Foundation!

Today was the start of the service portion of our trip. During each mission, our group partners with local surgeons and therapists to present an academic conference to Guatemalan hand therapy and medical students, residents, and practicing surgeons. Taking place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Guatemala City, the lectures during the 12th International Congress of Hand Surgery focused on Upper Extremity Trauma and about 200 people attended.

While portions of our group had come to Guatemala a few days early to enrich themselves with the beautiful culture of the Guatemalan people and help set up for the conference, the remaining members of our 45 person group flew into town either last night or this morning. Throughout the day you could hear the sounds of happy reunions of great friends after being apart for the past year and a half.

Outside of the main hall of the conference, our therapists educated students and local therapists on various splinting techniques and sold splint materials, the small profit from which would be donated to funding service projects of the mission.

While the conference was taking place, a small contingent of the group went to The Moore Pediatric Surgery Center, the site where our mission has been performing surgery for the past few missions, to set up and get ready for screening day and the week of surgery ahead.

It was a busy day, but our group was just getting started on what would be a productive and fun trip!