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We left the hotel early in the morning for our trip to Chichoy Alto – on a chicken bus! GHHF has been supporting the small village of Chichoy Alto since 2010. Some of the projects include building latrines and stoves, building a school, and sponsoring children to pursue further education. The village honours the group every trip with a beautiful ceremony.

Upon our arrival, the entire village along with people from surrounding towns greeted us and marched us down towards the school area. The children, dressed in their GHHF school uniforms, started playing the drums, xylophones and recorders as they led us down the road. This was then followed by a presentation where the students performed various musical and dance acts, along with several speeches made by people from the village including the mayor.

Over 800 people were then fed by a meal that many of the women in the town had been preparing for 2 days. Although the town had prepared the meal, the GHHF volunteers served the people of Chicoy as a sign of respect.

Following this, we broke into multiple groups – some went on tours of the village, some began playing soccer and various other games with the kids, and some helped handing out new shoes, socks and underwear to people of the village.