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Hello from Hand Help hand therapy! I am so excited to be in Lima Peru! The rehab department has been super welcoming, and their city is beautiful.

Hand Help Inc. started early Sunday morning 4/15/18,  screening patients, the team of surgeons selecting multiple cases for reconstruction. So many children, with so many needs.  

On Monday morning while the surgical cases were underway, I met with a number of children who needed custom orthoses.  I brought my splint pan and supplies, and set up shop in a very small space.  

One of the cases, Shelby, is nine years old, and has a brachial plexus palsy; her wrist drop is severe, but her elbow moves actively very well. I made her a neutral resting orthosis for her to use postoperatively, after her wrist fusion. She has never been splinted. In addition, we formed an opponens splint, and achieved some stability she will surely use. 

There are so many other children here whose lives will be dramatically improved after surgery. It is an incredible gift the whole team is providing! The organizers, the anesthesiologists, the nurses and all the volunteers who make this experience possible, are extremely special and I feel so grateful to be a part of it.

Virginia Ells, Hand Therapy