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Today was another great day in the operating room. We were joined by residents from Barbados, local medical students and therapists, and a few surgeons from the region. While some of our patients are from St. Vincent, many are from neighboring islands such as St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, and Dominique and traveled here for care this week. This poses particular challenges with transportation, follow-up, and therapy which World Pediatric Project works diligently to coordinate.

Teaching therapy to a patient with arthrogryposis.

Catching up with a young girl with a brachial plexus injury who was previously treated at St.Louis Shriner’s Hospital by one our colleagues, Dr.Lindley Wall, with nerve grafting and arthroscopic shoulder release.

Each patient arrives before 7am, awaiting their turn.

Case-based discussion with local trainees and surgeons over pizza.