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Today was our first day operating at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. We treated three patients with arthrogryposis, one with a birth brachial plexus injury, and one with a traumatic ulna deformity. We also saw some patients preoperatively in therapy and prepared postoperative splints in anticipation of their surgeries later in the week.

We have been incredibly impressed with the local World Pediatric Project staff (Jackie, Luciann, Dr. Datta, Dr. Woods, Simon, and Lauren). They are kind, grateful, glad – and incredibly skilled at what they do. Turns out rush hour in the evenings is no joke! Thankfully our taxi driver knew the back roads - it felt a bit like off-roading but we got beautiful glimpses around each hairpin turn. At the end of the day, both surgery teams gathered to reflect on our experiences, share stories, and enjoy a good meal. Looking forward to tomorrow!