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We are excited to be visiting St.Vincent and the Grenadines with Touching Hands Project and World Pediatric Project. Our hand surgery team consists of one hand surgeon (Charles Goldfarb), one anesthesiologist (David Murray), one hand fellow (Brinkley Sandvall), one occupational therapist (Valeri Calhoun), one OR nurse (Tina Nabb) - all from St. Louis, Missouri. We traveled here in conjunction with a second team specializing in lower extremity orthopedic surgery as well as an engineer from Orthopediatrics. While it is St. Louis hand team’s first trip to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the other orthopedic team has been coming back to this same location for several years.


Above: The hand surgery team

Our first day started with hand clinic where we evaluated 40 patients and signed 20 up for surgery and even more for therapy. While meeting patients in clinic, other members of the team were unpacking supplies and preparing the operating rooms for the surgeries over the next few days. Patient ages ranged from 6 weeks to 28 years, many with cerebral palsy, birth brachial plexus injury, or arthrogryposis.

As Dr. Dhatta, the chief pediatrician, said to us this morning said, “Welcome home. Let’s get to work.”

Above: The local medical team

Above: The clinic waiting area