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Dave Graham, Neil Jones, Nick Smith, Cathy Merry and Anne Wajon all headed to CSC. Damien Ryan returned to Kossamak Hospital.

Graham Gumley and Dave Stewart started day 1 of the microsurgery course, after the planned start date of Monday was delayed due to the microscopes being held at the airport! After some persuasion, the 10 microscopes and 35 candidates got to work and the team were impressed by the local residents enthusiasm to learn and improve their microsurgery skills.

Neil Jones and Tom Ward gave lectures to the plastic and orthopaedic residents at the University in the afternoon.

Damien Ryan and Dave Stewart returned to Kossamak hospital to review more patients for surgery.  They also performed nerve transfers for a brachial plexus palsy. Damien Ryan also made good use of  the Medartis distal radius set (which was kindly lent by Medartis Australia) to correct a distal radius mal-union at Kossamak.

David Graham took one of the local residents through a trigger thumb release, which surprisingly they don’t often see. Neil Jones performed a release of a hand burn contracture, requiring a full thickness skin graft.  

Nick Smith and local surgeons undertook a forearm fracture mal-union take down and ORIF, and Neil Jones and Dave Graham released a syndactyly in a 46 year old patient. Nick Smith and David Graham undertook a distal humerus non union taken down and ORIF with bone graft.