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Tom Ward, Neil Jones and David Graham returned to CSC.

After the morning teaching session and review of patients, Tom Ward and David Graham performed a humeral rotational osteotomy for a child with an upper trunk brachial plexus palsy and severely limited external rotation and a tibialis posterior to tibialis anterior/peroneus tertius tendon transfer for a chronic foot drop.   Neil Jones used the acutrack headless compression screws which were kindly donated in Australia to fuse an IP joint of a congenital thumb deformity. The parents were very happy with the result and requested the contralateral side to be done when we visit next! Neil Jones and David Graham then undertook tendon transfers with the local surgeons for a radial nerve palsy.

Nick Smith returned to NPH, and reviewed more patients for surgery and performed a shoulder stabilisation, and ECU tendon transfer.

In the afternoon Damien Ryan and Tom Ward gave lectures to the local residents at the University on a variety of topics including biomechanics and upper limb arthrodesis and arthroplasty.

Anne Wajon and Cathy Merry took the second day of the hand therapy course. There was fantastic feedback from the locals and they were very grateful for the experience.

The team relaxed over dinner at a local restaurant.